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C. W. Steinle, author of more than 25 books

Chris Winters Steinle is a recognized Bible prophecy commentator as a guest and co-host on alternative media as well as the author or co-author of 25 books. "C. W. Steinle" has been quoted or cited over 1,600 times at A retired minister and CPA—the ability to analyze and organized information is crucial in rightly dividing the Word of God. As a layman and ordained minister Steinle has taught thousands of original Bible studies, as well as providing biblical guidance to singles, couples, and families. Chris has taught on location in Israel, Philippi, Thessaloniki, Corinth, Athens, Sinai, and Egypt. 


Readers' reviews of this little book by Christians who are open to the present day operation of the Spiritual gifts speak for themselves! More than a Bible study, The Gift of Tongues gives practical and personal guidance - answering questions that too often go unasked. Topics include: the purposes of tongues, use of tongues in church and in private, the nature and value of tongues to the church and to the individual, and how to revive a church in which the gifts have dwindled.

Quotes:“Is it any wonder that the principalities of darkness are rising up and overpowering the floundering church of North America? Our mighty weapons in Christ have been cast aside for the rocks and clubs of mere human ability - natural instead of supernatural, but predictable and logical, and conveniently taught in seminary.”

“Christianity is nothing more than religion when it ceases to be supernatural!” 

The Rise of Western Lawlessness: Second Edition is an expansion of Volume 1 and includes a foreword by Douglas W. Krieger. Many images have been added to better illustrate the the philosophies of man and the spiritual systems of wickedness that have exalted themselves against the knowledge of Christ. Steinle takes the reader on a journey through 3,000 years of western history exposing the deceptive spirits of humanism and deism rooted in ancient philosophy- the same ungodly influences that were reintroduced to western thought during the Renaissance and Age of Enlightenment. Along the way, discover why the modern hodgepodge of spiritism, metaphysics, and evolutionary theories are not only false, but inconsistent and self defeating. Includes more than 150 supporting references and 26 illustrations. 

t's time to rethink God's purpose for the rapture: Is it an escape or a preparation for something greater? The rapture was prophesied from Genesis to Revelation. Why have dozens of rapture prophecies been overlooked by mainstream theology? Explore the ancient texts and discover God's clear and consistent revelation of end time events.* Explore dozens of rapture verses. * Understand the logic behind Paul's eschatology. * Learn why the Day of Lord includes God's indignation, the rapture, and Second Coming. * Enjoy dramatic vignettes from the Millennium Chronicles that bring Bible prophecies to life. * Consider the connection between the rapture and the redemption of the body. * Rethink the Gathering of Israel and how it applies to the Church. * See why Paul insisted the dead must rise first. * Know the signs preceding Christ's return.* Includes four charts and three vignettes to showcase the authors' conclusions. 

The Forgotten Age of Judah reveals the story of God's grace toward the House of Judah and reverses a rewritten history that has distorted Judeo-Christian theology for nearly 2,000 years. Failure to recognize the covenantal status of Judah from the time of Ezra until Christ has contributed to a continued alienation between believers among the nations (Gentiles) and the Jewish house. Such alienation is contrary to the Commonwealth of Israel described in Ephesians 2&3. Although the way of salvation has always been through faith and repentance, Christian theology has disregarded Judah’s national good standing during the Second Temple period. For too long the Church has denied the relationship and fellowship that the Old Testament saints enjoyed with the Holy One of Israel. Acknowledging this blessed Age of Judah is a step toward honesty and goodwill between Christians and Jews. 

Because of the esoteric nature of complex religious concepts, theologians have sometimes used popular (secular) examples so that the masses might relate to spiritual ideas. This was the case with Philo, who employed familiar Classical Greek philosophical concepts to interpret the Hebrew writings. Likewise, Augustine expounded upon the Bible making reference to Neoplatonist elements. With this precedent, The Singularity Prophecy sheds new light on the coming convergence by describing this transformation process in terms of Astrophysics and Quantum Mechanics. This book is written so as to engage international readers who possess a diversity of philosophies and religions. The history of world thought on this subject is presented to provide a broader perspective and to grasp the ubiquity of this supernatural phenomenon in the human mind, which has fueled the present-day exuberance for eschatology and apocalypticism. Nevertheless, understanding the future convergence of heaven and earth can actually lead to a better life now. 

These universally accepted topics of Christian instruction have encouraged believers from the time of the Early Church. Come just as you are and hear once again of the love, compassion, and healing that are in Christ. Whether you are new to the Christian faith or you are looking for the edification that comes by reviewing the basics, you'll be blessed by the Bible verses and their applications contained in "Foundations of the Faith." These timeless teachings are presented in the light of Pastor Steinle's decades of real-life discipleship to believers from every background. Foundations of the Faith covers these five Christian basics: Understanding Salvation, Assurance of Salvation, Following Christ, Sanctification, The Christian Walk 

The pre-trib theory has become so pervasive among Western Protestants that the younger Christians are often unaware of its novelty. Christians who have studied Church History acknowledge that the pre-trib teaching was not a popularly held doctrine in any denomination before the nineteenth century. Pre-tribulation proponents who are aware of this fact usually propose that the theory arose suddenly by a move of the Spirit. But the majority of today's Christians; Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican, and Reformed, expect the rapture at Christ's Second Coming. And 99% of the Christians who have lived over the past 2,000 years have believed in a post-tribulation rapture. Discover what the Bible clearly states in the original language. Learn how a nineteenth century program to convert the Jews led to the dual covenant, dispensationalism, and the pre-tribulation rature theory. Examine the verses and arguments used by pre-trib proponents in this no-stone-left-un-turned exposé. Includes four charts, Greek language study, and 20 illustrations.